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17.07.2017 – 23.07.2017

Минстрой России провел семинар
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Contents of the BST № 5, 2017


  • In Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing of Russia
  • In Main Department of state expertise


  • The VIII Academic readings devoted to memory of the academician of RAACS Osipov G.L.
  • Technical regulation
  • Monitoring and the analysis of normative documents in construction in the field of internal climate of rooms and protection against harmful effects. Part 5. Protection against electromagnetic radiations
  • Perspectives of application of materials and articles from foam in the systems of thermal insulation
  • About changes and additions in the new edition of the GOST 26602.3¬2016 «Window and door blocks. Method of measurement of sound insulation»
  • Separate provisions of Change No. 1 to the joint venture 51.13330.2011 «Construction Norms and Regulations 23¬03¬2003 Protection against noise»
  • Construction and architectural acoustics
  • Research of dynamic characteristics the vibrodamping materials
  • Sound insulation of single¬layer partitions from gypsum materials
  • Influence of traffic intersections at the assessment of noise pollution of the main territory
  • The problems of acoustic design of sports and entertainment halls of different size and capacity
  • Noise of built¬in transformer substations in the accommodation and in the approaching territory
  • Construction Thermal Physics
  • The method of accounting changes of climatic data in determining the number of cycles of the transition temperature of zero in the cross section of the outer wall of the building as part of a program on adaptation to climate change
  • Calculation of air temperature in the ventilated air layer of a ventilating facade taking into account wind
  • Development of an engineering method of calculation of the minimum temperature on internal surface of a design in a zone of an adjunction of balcony plate to a wall
  • Thermal and material balances of the greenhouse of a radiant heating
  • Radiation regime of differently oriented vertical surfaces according to the data of the Moscow State University
  • Monitoring of energy efficiency in buildings at the russian construction norms
  • Features of an assessment of quality of power efficiency of thermal protection of projects of multystoried civil buildings
  • The method of choice energy¬and resource saving solutions in residential buildings during their maintenance
  • Creation of the interactive map of power exchange in buildings and constructions in the dynamic mode
  • Modern ecological problems of the urban environment
  • Influence of time factors changing on economic efficiency of residential buildings group thermal retrofit
  • The efficiency of the use of backfilling of foam glass gravel as anti¬vibration layer
  • Deformations of soil under neighboring buildings. Prediction with technological settlement consideration
  • Аnalytical assessment survey designs apartment house in the city of Moscow
  • Corrosion of antenna¬mast structures
  • Recommendations on reconstruction of local treatment facilities runoff for new housing estates with the inclusion of the technological scheme of snow melting installation
  • Methodical errors of control of humidity of materials of the protecting designs hydrometers with capacitor sensors
  • Graphical representations on the calculation of the distribution of moisture in the enclosing structure
  • Reinforcement of wooden beams with steel cables along a curved path in the anchoring zones. Аn analysis of the state of stress and technological perspectives
  • Modeling of knots of the basic bearing elements of the multistoried building with podveshenny floors

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