Официальное издание Межправительственного совета по сотрудничеству в строительной деятельности стран СНГ
Бюллетень Строительной Техники. Журнал издается с 1944 г.

…жемесЯчный научно-технический, производственный иллюстрированный журнал материалов по техническому регулированию в строительстве Њежправительственного совета по сотрудничеству в строительной деЯтельности стран ‘Ќѓ
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About the journal

The monthly scientific and technical production journal "BST — Bulletin of Construction Equipment" was established in 1944 as a scientific and technical publication on construction and is the official publication of Intergovernmental council for cooperation in construction activity of the State Parties of the CIS.

Many influential scientists and specialists in construction branch in Russia and the CIS countries publish their articles on introduction in the building practice the results of research works, new construction materials and designs and technological processes of the organization of construction production in different sections of the journal. Improvement and scientific justification of technical rationing, standardization and design decisions are reflected in publications on pages of the journal.

In the asset of the editorial office of the journal there are scientists of the Russian academy of architecture and construction sciences, research and educational institutes, leading experts of the ministries and departments who cooperate with the journal as authors of articles, scientific experts and reviewers. The materials of young scientists of Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova etc. are published on pages of the journal.

The BST journal is published with the frequency of 12 issues per year.

For implementation of reviewing of the materials coming to the editorial office of the journal, in November, 2010 Editorial Board of the journal ratified the Provision on reviewing of manuscripts of articles.

The BST journal is registered in the Russian Science Citation Index and since 2010 it has monthly provided information on the published scientific articles to RSCI.

Scientific articles published in the journal are followed by bibliographies, articles and key words in the Russian and English languages.

The journal has an international standard serial number of the serial edition (ISSN 0007-7690) and is distributed under the subscription agreements with JSC Rospechat Agency (an index according to the Newspapers and Magazines Catalogue – 70083; according to the Catalogue of the NTI editions – 62106). Compulsory copies of the published issues are transferred as it is prescribed by the Federal law of December 29, 1994 No. 77-FL.

The archive of the Publishing house contains filings of the published issues of the journal and their electronic versions.

The editor-in-chief of the journal – Shpileva Tatiana Mikhaylovna, engineer-economist, a member of the Union of journalists, honored builder of Russia. She graduated the faculty of economy and organization of construction production of All-Union correspondence construction institute, Journalism Department of Academy of social sciences at the Central Committee of CPSU. She has been working in the construction press since 1965 and has headed the BST journal since 1987.

The Editorial Board of the journal includes ten highly qualified specialists of construction branch, seven of them are doctors of science and two - candidates of science.

The Editorial Board

Chairman of the Board

RIMSHIN Vladimir Ivanovich,

RAASN member correspondent, the acting member of Academy of construction of Ukraine, the Belarusian engineering Academy, International academy of ecological reconstruction, Doc.Tech.Sci, Prof.;

Honored builder of the Russian Federation, Laureate of an award of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology;

deputy CEO for scientific work of JSC VNIIzhelezobeton

Russian Federation

Tel.: +7 (495) 287-02-96 ext. 260

e-mail: v.rimshin@vniizhbeton.ru

Vice-chairman of the Board

SHPILEV Boris Evgenyevich,


Russian Federation

Tel.: +7 (495) 626-04-76

e-mail: bstmag@co.ru

The Board members

BASIN Efim Vladimirovich,

academician of RAASN, Doc.Econ.Sci, doctor of transport

Russian Federation

Tel.: +7 (495) 981-88-89, +7 (495) 788-81-44

e-mail: info@npmos.ru

BARINOVA Larisa Stepanovna,

honored academician of RAASN, Cand.Chem.Sci.

Russian Federation

Tel.: +7 (495) 981-88-89

BELOUSOV Vladimir Nikolaevich,

academician of RAASN, doctor of architecture, Prof.

Russian Federation

Tel.: +7 (495) 629-50-54

e-mail: raasn@raasn.ru

GARAEV Abdy Nazim ogly,


Republic of Azerbaijan

Tel.: + (994 50) 596-37-28

e-mail: azimeti.nti@gmail.com

EROFEYEV Vladimir Trofimovich,

RAASN member correspondent, foreign member of Academy of construction of Ukraine, Doc.Tech.Sci., Prof.

Russian Federation

Tel.: +7 (8342) 48-25-64

e-mail: dep-general@adm.mrsu.ru

MIASNIKOV Alexander Dmitriyevich,

engineer (MGCU)

Russian Federation

Tel.: +7 (910) 423-12-62

e-mail: sovet-miasnikov@mail.ru

PILIPENKO Vladimir Mitrofanovich

academician of the Belarusian engineering academy, foreign member of RAASN, member correspondent. International engineering academy, Doc.Tech.Sci., Prof.

Republic of Belarus

Tel.: + (375 17) 263-81-91

e-mail: up-niptis@rambler.ru

SHUBIN Igor Lyubimovich,

Doc.Tech.Sci., Prof.

Russian Federation

Tel.: +7 (495) 482-39-72, +7 (495) 482-40-76

e-mail: niisf@niisf.ru

Analytical, scientific and technical, technological, information, advertizing articles and reviews are published in the scientific and technical, production BST journal.

Scientific and technical articles covering the results of research dissertation work of an author (coll. of authors), are published in strict accordance with editorial rules and requirements to preparation and publication of articles.

The requirements of the publishing house to scientific articles published in the BST journal

BST journal publishes original scientific articles that has not previously been published, not intended for simultaneous publication in other journals and meet the following requirements.

1. The scientific article has to contain:

• connection of issues studied by the author with important scientific or practical tasks;

• the analysis of the latest achievements and publications on the problem considered in the article;

• the purposes of the article;

• statement of the main material of the study and justification of the results;

• conclusions on the results of the study;

• prospects for further study of the topic of the work.

2. To have a name that matches the topic of the research of the author.

3. Information about the author must include:

• surname, name, last name of any author, fully, in the Russian and English languages;

• academic degree or professional qualifications of all authors;

• place of work of all authors (full and abbreviated name of the organization) and their positions;

• contact information (the actual address for sending mail and author's copies of the journal, telephone, Fax, email address);

• if the article has more than one author it is necessary to indicate which of the authors is delegated the right to remove questions of the editor, to make decision on correction of the manuscript and to approve the layout of the article.

4. Technical requirements for the articles:

• at the beginning of the article it is necessary to indicate UDC code;

• the authors are listed in coherent with each other sequence;

• the volume of the article with illustrations should not exceed 0.5 a.l. – 6-8 pages (1800 signs per page of A4 text) with 3-4 illustrations;

• the text of article has to be typed on a computer using the Microsoft Word text editor;

• surname and initials of the author are given with indication of academic degree and the name of the organization;

• at the end of the article the bibliography with links in the text of article (Literature) is applied;

• illustrations (photographs, drawings, graphs, charts) are represented only in graphical editors in .tiff .jpg formats with resolution from 300 dpi:

o all drawings and photos must have good contrast and preferably in color;

o all illustrations should be saved as separate files. Captions are required and they can be located at the end of the main text of the article;

• tables have to be inserted into the text, have the serial number placed on the right edge and the name;

• mathematical formulas and expressions have to be written using Microsoft Equation 3.0;

• at the end of the scientific article the English translation of the name of the article, as well as the abstract and keywords in Russian and English, has to be applied;

• the whole material that is sent to the editor must be accompanied by electronic files on CD-R or sent by e-mail.

Official electronic address of BST journal is: BSTmag@co.ru.

Materials sent to personal email addresses of scientific editors and other employees of the publishing house have a status of "for information" and not registered. The authors ' claims on materials sent to private email addresses are not accepted.

The procedure of scientific articles submitted to the editorial office of BST journal

1. Articles submitted to the editorial office of BST journal are to be reviewed.

2. The editor-in-chief establishes compliance of article to a journal profile, the requirements for registration, appoints the reviewer specialist, who has the closest to the topic scientific specialization. Articles are reviewed in accordance with the approved by the Editorial Board Regulation on review by independent reviewers and/or editorial Board members, leading experts and scientists in the industry.

3. The review period is 2-4 weeks. At the request of the reviewer, it may be extended, but not more than 3 months from the date of sending the manuscript for the review.

4. The editors adopted a double «blind» reviewing (author and reviewer do not know each other). The material is given on a review without authors' name. The author of the article has the opportunity to get acquinted with a substantial part of the review. Breach of confidentiality is possible only in the case of mutual consent of the reviewer and the author.

5. If the review contains recommendations about correction and revision of the article, the editorial Board sends the author a substantial part of the review with a proposal to take them into account in preparing a new version of the article or gives arguments to refute them (partially or fully). An improved article may be sent for review.

6. If the author and the reviewer have irreconcilable differences regarding article, the editors have the right to send the article to another reviewer. In conflict situations the decision is made by the editor-in-chief.

7. The article, not recommended by the reviewer for publication, cannot be re-reviewed. The negative review report is sent to the author by e-mail, Fax or regular mail.

8. Positive review, submitted by the authors in conjunction with the article, is not a sufficient ground for the publication of the article. The final decision on publication is made by the editor-in-chief and the editorial Board based on the merits of the work and compliance with the scope of the journal.

9. Originals of reviews are kept in the publishing house for five years.

PROVISION on reviewing the manuscripts submitted to the editorial office of the journal "BST – Bulletin of Construction Equipment", approved by the Editorial Board on November 22, 2010

1. Famous experts in the subject field who have publications in peer-reviewed sources on the subject in the last five years are attracted as reviewers of manuscripts submitted for publication in BST journal.

2. The manuscripts are reviewed by specialists with a corresponding or a higher academic degree.

3. In a review of the relevant manuscript the reviewer must determine:

• relevance and compliance of the article to the journal;

• scientific level and novelty of the results represented for the publication, their practical importance;

• strengths and weaknesses in substantial part and form of presentation in the article;

• specific recommendations on the revision or reduction of the material of the article;

• possibility (or impossibility) of publication of peer-reviewed articles in the journal "BST – Bulletin of Construction Equipment"

4. The review (two copies) and electronic form are provided to the editorial office within the timelines set by the editorial staff, and is stored in the publishing house and the editorial office within 5 years.

5. The editorial office sends copies of the reviews to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation in case of the relevant request sent to the editors.

6. A review prepared by an employee of a third party must be signed by the reviewer and the signature must be attested by the seal of the organization. If the reviewer is a member of the Editorial Board, it is not required to attest the signature by the seal.

7. When positive (or negative) reviews on this article submit to the editorial office of the journal, one of the Editorial Board members get acquinted whith them and then presents them at the Editorial Board meeting where the decision on their publication is being made.

8. Further work with the manuscript accepted for publication is performed by the editorial staff in accordance with the technological process of preparation of issue.

9. Negative reviews are sent to authors. Anonymity of reviewers is guaranteed by the editors of the journal.

10. Manuscripts which are subject to revision are sent by the editorial staff to the authors with the text of the review which contains specific recommendations on revision of the article. The authorship of the review doesn't also reveal.

11. Manuscript of the article submitted after revision, with the answer of the authors is directed to the reviewer to get acquinted with it and for additional review. The reviewer should in time submit the second review, on the basis of which the editorial Board decides on the admission or rejection of the article.

12. If the manuscripts are rejected at the Editorial Board meeting, the editorial staff sends the authors a notice with the wording: "Rejected by the decision of the Editorial Board of the journal" with a brief rationale, for example, "article does not conform to the journal", "article did not passed competition" etc.
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